Cronos plumbers & Electricians branch for Windsor Glen residents in Randburg is here to help you with all your Plumbing needs. Cronos Plumbers Windsor Glen will solve all your plumbing problems

Our Windsor Glen plumbers are equipped with the best machines and tools to clear blocked drains. Here is a quick look at some of the most common solutions

  • If you are in Windsor Glen in Ranburg .Your Plumber from Cronos Plumbers in Windsor Glen can insert a metal cable into the drain line to clear the clog.
  • At Cronos Plumbers we can use a hydro jet machine . The plumber can also run a hose that shoots water at more than a thousands PSI to push through the blockage
  • When it is really necessary the Cronos Plumber in Windsor Glen can inspect the pipe with a camera to make sure that the pipe will not become a reoccurring problem.