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Local Affordable Plumbers in Pretoria area. Choose Us for Fast, Expert Plumbing Services Done Right the First Time. Residential plumbing services in Pretoria & Commercial Plumbing Services. Affordable & Available. 24/7 Service Available. Budget Friendly Pricing. Call Us Today For Service. Quick & Available Service.
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At Cronos Plumbers in Pretoria , we aim to do the best on our promise of giving the best quality workmanship on all plumbing work. Plumbers in Pretoria offers excellent customer service for every plumbing job in Pretoria that we take on.

Cronos Kairo Connection has been around since 2005, The Owners and managers of Cronos Plumbers Pretoria have been in the plumbing industry for a long time. With over twenty thousand residential and commercial plumbing jobs done, our Pretoria plumbers’ experience makes it easy for us to deal with problems that other plumbers in Pretoria may not be able to deal with, as well as quickly diagnose and repair more complex problems.

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Geyser Blankets. Rainwater Harvesting. Geyser Wise Controllers. Cronos Plumbers in Pretoria are a 24hour emergency plumbing company. Tanks, Taps, Leaks, Overflows, Toilet Flushes, Immersion Heaters Cylinders, Shower Repairs. We Will Fix All Your Plumbing Jobs

Cronos Pipe Replacement Plumber in Pretoria

We are the best option for you when you want to replace a plumbing pipe inside your walls at your premises, Cronos Pretoria Plumbers will help limit wall demolition using polyethylene tubing, a new technology and better option to traditional piping. Get in touch with our pipe replacement experts today and they will explain to you what options you have for flexible tubing or replacing your copper pipes for your geyser or toilet system.

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