Cleaning cleaning, there is nothing more satisfying than to stay in a clean house, here are a few ideas we use to clean our homes, I have a powerful ingredient we can use to make sure our homes are a safe haven of cleanliness.

The Free Kitchen Cleaning Agent

The “lemon”. We can use a lemon to disinfect many surfaces in the kitchen, fridges, sinks and cupboards leaving our surfaces in the kitchen clean and free from germs.

I just use half a cup of lemon juice and mix with 500ml warm water and soak the most affected areas overnight ,then wipe it off the following day. First and foremost test on a little corner, for brass coated materials to avoid damages as brass finishes do not go well with lemon. After wiping the lemon off your surfaces will be very clean and smelling that lemon aroma.

We can also squeeze a half a lemon in our toilet bowls and let it soak for about 30minutes and do some others chores around the house, then use the toilet brush to scrub the bowl and the bowl will be very clean and have that lemon scent refreshing the whole house,

We can also use the lemon for cleaning our drains , the kitchen drain sometimes has a tendency of keeping dirt and soap scum and they form those green staffs around. We can also use the whole lemon, cut it into pieces and boil it, then pour on the opening of our kitchen drain and give it a thorough brush around the opening and also the surface around it.

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